How to Increase your Sex Drive


Are you just not feeling it in the bedroom lately? It is really common for both men and women to experience rises and lows in their sex drive, but sometimes it can get in the way of the things your partner wants or the things that you want for your relationship in the bedroom.

That being said, there can be many causes for long term low libidos: medication, hormonal influxes, stress levels, alcohol and the state of the relationship with your partner. All of things can affect your sex life, but none of them should control it! To take back control, continue reading to find out how you can increase your libido.


One of the very first things to look at is the side effects of any of the medications you’re on. This includes birth control, which can be known to decrease libido. If you or your partner are taking any prescriptions consistently that have a side effect of decreased libido, it might be time to go visit your doctor.

Working Out

It can be really important that you and your partner are both feeling confident in the bedroom. This can’t be done if your self esteem is really low. Working out can improve self esteem and confidence in the bedroom, and in your daily life. Working out can be a great step in increasing your sex drive, and can get a jump start on the sweat!

Relaxing – Without Alcohol

If you are a very busy person, take a few days to yourself away from the stress. Stress can cause your libido to linger, and it can take a toll on not only your relationship, but the other people in your life.

That being said, if you are putting all your relaxing time into drinking, you might have an issue with libido stemming from your relaxation. If you are an avid drinker, you can be causing your sex drive to dwindle and eventually simmer out. Try to cut back on alcohol, and you might see an increase in your sex drive!

Try Something New

One of the biggest things for couples who start to lose their sex drives is that they have been having the same sex for a long period of time. This can be harmful to a relationship, and should be noted immediately.

If you notice you or your partner are falling into a habitual routine when it comes to sex, try something new! Bring in new toys, new positions, or new people to your bedroom and let that inspire you to have sex more often.


If you’re struggling to keep yourself interested in sex, try to investigate it. If you look into all the things listed above, the next step is to visit a doctor or sex therapist. Think about the possibility of bringing your partner to your appointment, so you can form a bond with them around the decreased libido you are experiencing. Ask them to help you out, and know that all will be well!

This article was contributed by Agency Barracuda