Small Things All Highly Sexual Couples Have


If you are looking to increase the amount of times you have sex in a month, week, or even day, it is important to look at what people who have sex often are doing regularly! Surprisingly, it can be very small things that lead to a happier and more fulfilling sex life, however it could also be taking the plunge and enquiring about exclusive girlfriends. Here, we detail important mindsets and habits that all highly sexual couples have or do every day to keep their sex life exciting.

Small Moments

Couples who have a lot of sex are often looking for any opportunity to have sex. This isn’t to say that they are having sex in all their free time, but rather that they aren’t looking for the perfect time to have sex.

Waiting until the kids move out, until all the work is done, until the house is clean, etc. can mean that you wait for a long period of time before having sex. Highly sexual couples are not looking for perfect moments, they are finding time to fit sex into their daily routines. When the kids are asleep, after an hour of work, or when they feel confident in the progress of the household chores.


In addition to taking advantage of small moments, highly sexual couples are not opposed to what we refer to as a “quickie.” Quickies can be short, sweet, or sensual. Sex doesn’t always need to be 20 minutes or an hour, it can be a small amount of time with still pleasing both parties and having fun!


Highly sexual couples are confident, not only in each other but also in themselves. They embrace what their body looks like, and feels like. They know how to talk to their partner and communicate confidently.


Couples who have healthy amounts of sex are 100% trusting of each other. They are never second guessing their partners actions, and all fights are resolved quickly with both parties feeling like they met their needs.

If you or your partner has trust issues, the sex can be rare. This is mainly due to the stress that suspicion and jealousy causes, as well as the emotional detachment.


Highly sexual couples have a strong connection, and that connection is often supplemented or created through their sexual experiences with each other. All of these couples are confident that their connection will last and will remain healthy.

Additionally, if you’re looking to rekindle a connection or encourage your partner to be more connected with you on an emotional level, sex is often the answer for these couples!


Sexual couples are just healthy relationships. It’s as simple as that- two people who are willing to put work into their relationship as well as their time in the bedroom. If you want to become more sexual with your partner, or have sex more often, that starts outside of your sex life.

The more you are encouraging healthy relationship habits in your day to day lives, the more you and your partner will experience positive sex experiences, as well as encourage sex more often.